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1. )    Roland    "SE-02"    vs     Behringer    "Model   D"?    Which   gets    your    vote     and   WHY?

In a single sentence -tell us WHICH of these synths you're looking forward to the most -and WHY.  We'll       keep a running tally to see which synth gets the most votes ( -right up until our full review of the SE-02 is posted   sometime in August ). We'll also post a few of your one-sentence comments below. Leave your     vote/ comment on our "Contact Page".

-"I am excited most about the Behringer Model D because of the High pass Low pass combo filter the SE-02      is missing"  -Joseph   

* TALLY  SO  FAR:   Roland SE-02:  1,  Behringer Model D:  1,

2. )   Would   you   like   to   see   a   "Small   Synth  Symposium"   held    in   the   midwest   ( St. Louis, Mo. )  every   year?

* Take a look at the "Small Synth Symposium" were proposing ( -below ). Is this something you'd consider attending? WHICH of the activities ( -described below ) appeal to you most? If you couldn't attend -would you like to see the event made available on DVD? Prefer 2-day weekend or weekday event -held in Spring or Fall?  "Small Synth Symposium" details

Calling    all    Mini-Synth   Enthusiasts!

Roland's ( new ) SE-02 discrete analog synth is one of the   new breed of affordable mini-synths that are "democratizing electronic music" and making it accessible to the masses. This is the underlying subject of our upcoming Documentary Film:   "TINY SYNTHS, MIGHTY SOUNDS".  

See and hear Roland's SE-02 "in-action" in the film,     due out the 2nd quarter of 2019'. We'll be featuring segments on the "SE-02" and a myriad of other mini synths as well. Read how you can become part of this   documentary film below! 

Get    FREE    Worldwide   Publicity   for   your    Music                      in   our   Documentary   Film!

Do you own a mini-synth like Korg's Volca Bass or MiniKorg? Or perhaps one of Roland's Boutique Series like the JX-03 or soon available SE-02?  Or perhaps you own an entire project-studio worth of these little buggers! Today, there are LOTS of cool hardware mini-synths out there to choose from ( -like Arturia's "MicroBrute", Novation's "Mininova" and "Bass Station II", Yamaha's "ReFace CS", Moog's "Minitaur", Vermona's "Mono Lancet" or even a kit-built PAIA "Fat Man" or one of Ray Wilson's "Music From Outer Space" DIY synths! ).         I could go on listing more but you get the point!

Have you recorded a CD or CD-R of your own original   electronic music using hardware mini-synths exclusively?           Would you like some free worldwide publicity for your music?   If so, you may want to print, fill-out and return our           "Small Format Synthesist's Entry Form" available at:

( Six   to   Eight   ) Mini-Synth   Artists                                                                                                  to     be    "Profiled"    in    Documentary   Film....

To show how today's synthesists are utilizing this new breed of affordable hardware mini-synth in electronic music and sound-design, we're looking for six to eight synthesists to "profile" in our documentary film. If you use small hardware synths exclusively ( -i.e:  NOT computer "soft-synths"! ) to create your original music, film sound-tracks ( or ) sound-design and effects -we want to hear from you! 


We will carefully consider all of the entries sent to us and will select the TOP six to eight that we find the most interesting -for "profiles" in our documentary film.  The "fatter and beefier" the sounds you create, the more interested we're likely to be!  Huge, monstrous sounds coming out of tiny machines is where we live! Those selected will receive a copy of the Documentary Film DVD once it's released ( -around 2nd quarter of 2019' ). 

Novation's "Mininova" synth. Another one of the cool, affordable mini-synths that are revolutionizing today's electronic-music!  If you own one of these ( -or any     of the OTHER hardware min-synths available today ), check out our "TINY SYNTHS, MIGHTY SOIUNDS" Documentary Film webpage below.

The    "Tiny    Synths,   Mighty   Sounds"   webpage:

For full details on our "TINY SYNTHS, MIGHTY SOUNDS" Documentary Film, click on the link ( below ).         You'll find the "Small-Format Synthesist's Entry Form" near the bottom of the page. Print, fill-out and mail         it to us if you'd like to be considered for a profile in the film. If you have friends who would be interested         in participating -tell them about the webpage too!