Hawkwind     Inspired:

Music  ,    Art,     Film     &                                                                       Computer     Animation

-By    Artists    &     Musicians    inspired                                                                                                   by    the    music    of    Hawkwind....

On this page we salute the music, art, film and computer animation of artists and musicians who've been inspired by the music of Hawkwind. Whether it's pencil and paper, ink ( or ) oil-paint, air-brush ( or ) the    HW-influenced Spacerock and Electronic Music of musicians and bands ( -or the work of film makers and computer animators ). You'll find articles on these Hawkwind-inspired Creative Talents here!  

This David Hardy painting ( -used on the back cover of Hawkwind's "Hall of the Mountain Grill" album ) is a fitting symbol for this page. While I'm not sure Mr. Hardy is a fan of Hawkwind's music, his      phenomenal Space Art perfectly suits the album

On this page, you'll learn about the many people who've been inspired by Hawkwind's music and who've taken up pencil, paint, airbrush, bass, guitar and synth ( -as well as film, video and com- puter program ) to follow in the creative footsteps of this incredibly influential Spacerock band!  If this describes YOU, drop us a line.                                                                   We'll give you some free publicity  on this page!                                 -DAVID HARDY'S "MTN GRILL" COVER.

Here's what my write-ups will look like. This one's on me:           

"Hi!  My name's Tomm Buzzetta ( St. Louis, Mo., USA ) . Aside from running the "Creative Tech Nerds" website you're reading -I'm also into synths and electronic-music.  I've been a Hawkwind fan since 1974' ( -favorite albums: "Doremi", "Hall" and "Warrior" ). I record my own original Spacerock as:  "RIFFJAM TRIBE" using the motto: "Spacerock for Inquiring Minds".            You can read about my upcoming Spacerock album: "First Contact" by  clicking on this link:  RIFFJAM TRIBE  While you're there, VOTE  on WHICH  song topic  you'd most like to see included on the album! I will select ( 5 ) winners "at random" ( -from those casting votes ). They'll receive a copy        of the album when it's released in JULY, 2018'. Good luck!"                         -RIFFJAM TRIBE'S "FIRST CONTACT"

How     YOU    can     be     featured                                                    on    this   "Hawkwind-Inspired"  Page!

Use my "example entry" ( -above ) as your "template". Keep your entry concise and "to-the-point". Be sure    to include your name, location, what you create and how long you've been a Hawkwind fan. List your top ( 3 ) Hawkwind albums. Include a brief description of your art, music, film-making ( or ) 3-D computer-animation. Include some concise details on your current project. Be sure to include a link to your website URL along with your Contact e-mail and ( postal ) mailing address ( -so people can contact you and purchase your artwork, music CD or film/ animation DVD! ).                                 


*VERY IMPORTANT:  If you have a good photo or yourself ( -drawing, painting, airbrushing, recording in your studio or playing on-stage with your band ( or ) sitting in front of your computer animating ), be sure to post    it on the internet.  Also post a picture of the artwork you're selling ( or ) the front cover of your music CD or film/ animation DVD ( -providing me with the internet address or link I can use to "grab these pix" from, so      I can use them to illustrate your write-up ). Pix will make your "entry" far more visually appealing! 


I'll include as many "Entries" as I can fit on this page. So, be sure and get your entry info to me before space runs out!  Once you've written your "Entry" ( -125-words or less ) emulating my "example entry" ( above ),      -click on this: "Contact Link"  to e-mail me your Entry.  Be sure to include a "link" ( -or web address ) where      I can find the internet pix you want me to use in your write-up. That's very important!  Give me a week ( or )  two to transcribe your entry. I'll list as many "Entries" as will fit on this page. Look forward to seeing YOURS!        

( Left ) Some mind-bending artwork from Hawkwind's            first ( self-tilted ) album.   


*NOTE:  These pix are just "filler" until we get some "Entries" coming in.... 

( Right ) Barney Bubbles' iconic "DOREMI, FASOL, LATIDO" album cover. 


*NOTE:  More "filler" but nice to look at -huh?