"Music    From    the     Cutting                  Edge     of    Rock"    Show

"Cutting    Edge    Rock"    Radio...

* PROGRESSIVE/ ART ROCK   * SPACEROCK   * PSYCHEDELIC  * POWER-METAL  and  * ELECTRONIC-MUSIC                                                              -with a few surprises mixed in... 

DEFINITION: "Cutting Edge Rock".

Radio format: Characterized by musically innovative artists who've forged their own "unique sound". Format includes both "old-school" as well as up and coming acts ( -playlists generally include a 60% "old-school" to 40% "new" mix ). 

Seen as the logical successor to outdated "Active Rock",          "Alternative" and "Americana" formats of the past.         RADIO's ( NEW ) "CUTTING EDGE" FORMAT      Boasts radios's most fiercely loyal audiences.

"Something    Fresh,   New     and     Different"                                                                                  -Coming     Second    Quarter,     2019' !

Tired of the predictable playlists heard on most FM rock stations these days? Looking for something fresh,    new and exciting?  Well, you've come to the right place!  "MUSIC FROM THE CUTTING-EDGE OF ROCK" is 

a new radio show dedicated to playing the music of today's most cutting-edge bands ( -along with the              "old-school" innovators who inspired them ). If you're searching for artists and bands that push

rock music into new and interesting directions, "MFTCE" has you covered!

Your source for the best in "Cutting Edge Rock"        (  i.e:  Prog, Spacerock, Psychedelic, Power-Metal and Electronic Music -along with some surprises! ).


Available on select FM Rock and Satellite Stations.    Currently signing radio-stations and sponsors onto  our network. Inquiries welcome!


* Check out the story behind our show and read more about the artists we play at the link below:               "Music From the Cutting Edge of Rock" 

Below are a few of the bands and artists you're likely to hear on "MUSIC FROM THE CUTTING EDGE"

In addition, we hope to "discover" some ( new ) groundbreaking American and Canadian talent -giving

them the exposure they deserve on our show.  


* ELOY  * MAHOGANY RUSH  * CAMEL  * HAWKWIND  * AYREON  * EVERGREY  * FLOORIAN  * ADRIAN SHAW    * PINK FLOYD ( -up to and including "Dark Side" & "Wish You were Here" ) * CHRISTIAN BOULE'  * OMEGA        * SENSATION'S FIX  * APHRODITE'S CHILD  * TRIUMVIRAT  * ERIK NORLANDER  * MOTORHEAD  * CLUTCH          * KYUSS  -along with some surprises like:   * CHRIS ISAACK  * PAT METHENY  and  * CARIBOU STEW 

"We're    dedicated    to     playing     the     music     of     cutting-edge     bands     who     are     pushing     rock     into     new     and           interesting     directions".                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            -Tomm     Buzzetta                                                                                                                       ( -"MFTCE's"    Producer    )

*-See what some of Progressive Rock 's giants have to say about our "Music From the Cutting Edge" Show.  Scroll down to the "Praise for Cutting Edge from the World of Rock" paragraph mid-page. Click link below:                                                 "Praise for Cutting Edge from the World of Rock" 

Spacerock,     Progressive    Rock    and    more!

Groundbreaking Spacerock and Progressive Rock! Bands that've    received very little airplay on US rock stations. These artists will

get the attention they deserve on "MFTCE"!  If you're a fan of      these bands and today's "Cutting-Edge Rock" format, be sure        and check us out!  Have friends who are also into this music? 

Tell them about us!    


 ( -ABOVE )  Vintage era HAWKWIND

We leave the corporate "bean-counter" compiled playlists to the dime-a-dozen MOTR ( "Middle-of-the-Road" ) FM rock stations.  We specialize in playing artists who've forged their own unique sound and who push musical creativity to it's limits ( -with their extended instrumentals, engaging  lyrics and complex "concept-album" story lines ).  That's what you'll find on "MUSIC FROM THE CUTTING EDGE OF ROCK".  Wave goodbye to the "boring and predictable". Hear the music you've been missing!

Whether European Progressive ( or ) British Spacerock  -you'll hear it on "MFTCE"!  We play the best "old-school" right alongside today's freshest, newest cutting-edge bands and artists. You WON'T hear these bands on the ( MOTR ) rock stations on the FM dial ( -or even on many satellite stations! ). We pride ourselves on playing music that sounds  

"uniquely different".                                                                                                                                                                                  ( -ABOVE )  Frank Bornemann ( ELOY  )

"We     specialize    in     playing     artists     who've     forged    their     own     unique     sound     and     who     push     musical     creativity    to    it's     limits..."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             (   -The "MUSIC    FROM    THE                                    CUTTING-EDGE    OF    ROCK"  Show    )

"Home-grown"  or     Import.    We    love    it    all!

Let's not forget the "cutting-edge" rockers from America and Canada. These bands will receive the airplay they deserve on "MFTCE"!  If you're in an American ( or )      Canadian Spacerock or Progressive Rock band and think your stuff would "fit in" with what we play ( -and is of "broadcast quality" ) -send us your CD ( -along      with a short, signed letter granting us permission to play it ).  If we like it,

we'll give it some "airplay". We love discovering new, innovative talent!                    


( -ABOVE  )  Frank  Marino of MAHOGANY RUSH

As well,  "MFTCE"  features the music of solo artists ( -who record their own original musical "masterpieces" in their home studios ).  Whether electronic, spacerock ( or ) prog, we'll give it a listen.  If we like your stuff and you

permit us to, we'll give your music some airplay on our show.                                                                                                                                                                        ( -RIGHT )  Arjen Anthony Lucassen of AYREON and STAR ONE  

"Wave     goodbye     to    the     "boring     and                   predictable".   Hear     the     music     you've  been     missing!"                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               -"Music    From   The                                                                                                              Cutting-Edge  of  Rock"

Radio     &     Advertising     Opportunities:

"CUTTING     EDGE     ROCK":                                                           The     Next     "Big   Thing"     in     Radio...

ATT:      FM    Rock    &    Satellite    Radio     Stations.                                             Expand    your    Listenership!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    &                                                                                                                                                                                        ATT:      Radio    Advertisers.                                                                                                                                  Reach    a    ( new )    market    of    Active    Consumers!



ATT:  FM Rock Stations. ADD a new, loyal audience to your listenership!

ADD our "Music From the Cutting Edge of Rock" Show to your weekly line up!

Our weekly 2-hour show features today's newest "Cutting Edge" artists mixed with the "old-school" rock innovators who influenced them.  Add radio's hot-test new format ( i.e: "Cutting Edge Rock" ) to your line up and watch your audience EXPAND! "Cutting Edge Rock" boasts the Industry's most loyal    fans.  And since the format is so new  the market is "wide-open"!

To add our show -contact us at the link ( -below ).                                                                                                                                                              "CUTTING  EDGE  ROCK !




Record Company  A & R Reps, Import CD Merchants, Mail-Order Music Gear & Stereo Equipment Dealers, Community Businesses:  Reach an audience of avid music lovers, musicians, audiophiles, technophiles        and creative types! Run your radio spots on our "Music From the Cutting Edge of Rock" radio program        and reach our tech-savvy audience of Consumers with your message!               


For rates and package discounts -contact us via the link below:                                                                                                            "Music From the Cutting-Edge" Opportunity Inquiries

Some   "Cutting  Edge"    Alumnus:

Bands you're likely to hear on our "Music From the Cutting Edge of Rock" program.

One of England's most musically interesting bands of the 70's. Quirky, evolving and entrancing instrumentals combined with engaging lyrics. Ever-changing  time signatures, key-changes, meters and moods. This is one band your listeners will never tire of hearing! Check out their music video ( below )

to get a taste of Camel's music.                                                        CAMEL'S "Nimrodel -the Procession -The White Rider" Video

CAMEL'S "Skylines" Video                                                                          (  -ABOVE  )  CAMEL circa 1977'

Guitarist/ multi-instrumentalist Frank Marino has carved out an enviable career and body of work with Mahogany Rush. His prowess, versatility and style has garnered the respect of not only fans but fellow musicians. We're proud to feature Frank and Mahogany Rush's powerful music on "MFTCE"!  Whether you're into straight ahead rock n' roll, the blues, psychedelic or full on space-rock, Frank and Mahogany Rush can deliver!  Read my interview with Frank here:  https://creativetechnerds.jimdo.com/frank-marino/ and be sure to check out this excerpt from Frank's ( new )"The Answer" DVD    for a taste of Frank's guitar magic!                                                                 ( -ABOVE )  FRANK MARINO        

Searing Swedish power-metal with surprisingly intelligent lyrics that listeners will identify with. If power-metal can    ever be said to be "melodic", Evergrey comes closest to accomplishing that feat within the "power-metal" genre.        Read our interview with Tom Englund -Evergrey's lyricist, singer and second guitar:  Tom Englund Interview  and  watch Evergrey's "In Orbit" and "Passing Through" Videos.           Swedish Power-Metal  -EVERGREY

Germany's legendary Prog/Art Rock band ELOY will finally get the airplay they deserve on our "Music From the Cutting Edge of Rock" Show! Eloy's soaring instrumentals and thought provoking lyrics are sure to attract a  new generation of American listeners ( -who've been denied the exper-ience by America's close-minded FM rock hierarchy! ). Check out my Interview with ELOY's Frank Bornemann to learn more about this int-  riguing European band.  And watch their "Plastic Girl", "Sun Song"  and "Heartbeat" Videos for a taste of their music.                                                                                                                                         ( ABOVE  ) FRANK BORNEMANN OF ELOY

Dutch musical mastermind Arjen Anthony Lucassen and his evol-ving band of guest singers and musicians ( -collectiveky known as "Ayreon" ), has taken Europe by storm -though you'd never know it if all you listen to is American FM rock stations!  Arjen's "Ayreon" will finally get their due on this side of the Atlantic on our "MFTCE" Show! Check out my Interview with Arjen Anthony Lucassen and take a look at his new Ayreon -And the Druids Turned to Stone            ( -ABOVE  ARJEN 'S "AYREON " )             cut from his new "Universe" DVD and "To the Solar System"                                                                           Video ( -to see what you've been missing! ). 

What can you say about the band that literally created  the Space Rock genre? Combining pulse-quickening roto-rhythmic rock, electronic "spaciness" and futuristic ( -often prophetic ) sci-fi and social commentary -Hawkwind has plowed more "new ground" than any TEN  competing rock groups have!        This "ground-breaking" Spacerock band will get their share      of airtime on "MFTCE".  Check out their "Right Stuff" and "Levitation" Videos for a taste of Hawkwind's Spacerock.                    ( -ABOVE  ) HAWKWIND CIRCA 1979'

One time bassist for Hawkwind, Adrain Shaw has racked up a phenom-enal discography over the years ( -playing with the likes of High Tide, Magic Muscle, Arthur Brown and many others ).  Most recently, "Ade" has been associated with "The Bevis Frond" and has produced several of his own albums as well. Take a look at some of his imaginative "psychedelic" music videos ( -below ) to hear Adrian do his thing.            ( -ABOVE  )  ADRIAN SHAW                              "Round and Round" ,  "Teeth of the Hydra"                          

Recording music tracks in a local cave ( -for one of their albums ), using a battery of guitar effects pedals, utilizing clever tape tricks, sound processors and synths -Floorian has taken "guitar music" beyond anything most people have ever heard. Moody, brooding "psychedelia" bordering on the "scary", Floorian's music imprints itself upon your psyche -leaving you humming their tunes days after hearing to them.  Check out the music videos below to see what I mean.                                                                               "In Slow Motion"    "Or So They Say"    "Waiting For It"   ( -ABOVE  )  FLOORIAN'S "UNDERGROUND" SOUND

Combining hard-rock with biting, "tongue-in-cheek" lyrics, Clutch is      a band that will give you a laugh with their satirical "take" on current affairs and sci-fi futurism.  Watch a few of their music videos below.

Before long, you'll "get em' ".   "Burning Beard"   "X-Ray Visions"  



 Kyuss plays California "desert-metal".  That's about as close as I can come to categorizing it. What ever you call it, some of it ( -like this "Green Machine" cut )  really rocks!   "Green Machine"   "Gardenia" 



                                              ( -RIGHT  ) KYUSS's  California "Desert-Metal"  

                 -and that's just the "short list". Tune-in for more ( -starting 2nd Quarter, 2019' ).