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*ELECTRONIC MUSIC ...along with a few surprises! 

Fresh     &     Different  ...Coming     January,     2019'!

Tired of the predictable playlists heard on most FM rock stations these days? Looking for something fresh, new and exciting?  Well, you've come to the right place!  SPACEROCK 24.7 is a "streaming" Internet radio station that's dedicated to playing the music of cutting-edge bands who are pushing rock music into new and interesting directions.


Your source for the best in Spacerock, Progressive, Psychedelic, Power-Metal          and Electronic Music. 


Available "24 x 7" on the Internet and          via the radio tune-in app.  


*Check out the story behind our station        ( -and read about the artists we play ):  "Music From the Cutting Edge of Rock" 

Below are a few of the bands you're likely to hear on SPACEROCK 24.7. In addition, we hope to "discover" some ( new ) groundbreaking American and Canadian Spacerock and Progressive Rock bands ( -along with some Electronic Musicians ) -giving them the exposure they deserve on our "streaming "Internet station.  


* ELOY  * AYREON  * HAWKWIND  * CAMEL * FLOORIAN  * MAHOGANY RUSH  * EVERGREY  * ERIK NORLANER  * CLUTCH  * KYUSS  * OMEGA  * SENSATION'S FIX  * APHRODITE'S CHILD  * TRIUMVIRAT  * CHRISTIAN BOULE'                                                      -along with some surprises!

"We're    dedicated    to     playing     the     music     of     cutting-edge     bands     who     are     pushing     rock     into     new     and           interesting     directions".                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            -Tomm     Buzzetta                                                                                                                       ( -Station    Mgr.    SPACEROCK    24.7   )

*-See what some Progressive Rock giants have to say about SPACEROCK 24.7's "Music From the Cutting Edge" Show.  Scroll down to the "Praise for Cutting Edge from the World of Rock" paragraph near mid-page here:                                             "Praise for Cutting Edge from the World of Rock" 

Spacerock,     Progressive    Rock    and    more!

Groundbreaking Spacerock and Progressive Rock! Bands that've    received little to no airplay on US rock stations. These artists will finally  get the attention they deserve on SPACEROCK 24.7!  If you  are a fan of these neglected bands -check us out!  If you have    friends who are also into this music, tell them about us!    


 ( -LEFT  )  Vintage era HAWKWIND

We leave the corporate "bean-counter" compiled playlists to the dime-a-dozen MOTR ( "Middle-of-the-Road" ) FM rock stations.  We specialize in playing artists who've forged their own unique sound and who push musical creativity to it's limits ( -with their extended instrumentals, engaging  lyrics and complex "concept-album" story lines ).  That's what you'll find on SPACEROCK 24.7.  Wave goodbye to the "boring and predictable". Hear the music you've been missing!

Whether European Prog ( or ) British Spacerock  -you'll hear it on SPACEROCK 24.7!  We play the best "oldschool" right alongside today's freshest, newest cutting-edge bands and artists. You WON'T hear these bands on the ( MOTR ) rock stations on the FM dial ( -or even on many satellite stations! ). We pride ourselves on playing music that sounds "uniquely different".                                                                                                                                                                                  ( -ABOVE )  Frank Bornemann ( ELOY  )

"We     specialize    in     playing     artists     who've     forged    their     own     unique     sound     and     who     push     musical     creativity    to    it's     limits..."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             ( -SPACEROCK    24.7  )

"Home-grown"  or     Import.    We    love    it    all!

Let's not forget the "cutting-edge" rockers from America and Canada. These bands will receive the airplay they deserve on SPACEROCK 24.7!  If you're in an American    or Canadian Spacerock or Progressive Rock band and think your stuff is "broadcast quality" -send us your CD ( -along a short, signed letter granting us permission to play it ).  If we like what we hear, we'll give it some "airplay" on our station. 

We love discovering and promoting new talent!                                                                                         

( -ABOVE  )  Frank  Marino of MAHOGANY RUSH

As well,  SPACEROCK 24.7  features the music of solo artists ( -who record their own original musical "masterpieces" in their home studios ). Whether electronic, spacerock  ( or ) progressive rock,  SPACEROCK 24.7  will give it a listen. If we like your stuff ( -and you permit us to ), we'll give your music some airplay on our station.                                                                                                                                    ( -RIGHT )  Arjen Anthony Lucassen of AYREON and STAR ONE  

"Wave     goodbye     to    the     "boring     and                   predictable".   Hear     the     music     you've  been     missing!"                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      -SPACEROCK     24.7

Stuff      "in    the     Works":

In addition to our "Music From the Cutting Edge of Rock" show, we're thinking of adding a show called "Pioneers of Electronic Music" ( -that will showcase electronic music's most influential artists ).  Is there an audience out there for this kind of show?  Drop us an e-mail and let us know -via our Contact Page.                                   

(  -LEFT  )  CAMEL circa 1977'



Sponsorship    Opportunities     available!

ATT:  Record Company  A & R  Departments, Import CD Merchants, Mail-Order Music Gear  &  Hi-fi / Stereo Equipment dealers, Music Fan Clubs and Organizations, Individuals, Businesses of all types: 


If you'd like to reach an audience of avid music lovers, musicians, technophiles and creative types -you can sponsor SPACEROCK 24.7's "Music From the Cutting Edge of Rock" program!  For rates and package discounts -contact us ( below ):   

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Other       SPACEROCK     24.7     "Alumnus":

In addition to those listed above, here are a few of the bands and you're likely to hear on SPACEROCK 24.7



                                                      British Psychedelia  -ADRIAN  SHAW




 Swedish Power-Metal  -EVERGREY




                                                   California ( "desert" ) Power-Metal  -KYUSS



 ( Sci-Fi  ) Power-Metal  -CLUTCH



                                                            British Spacerock  -TIM BLAKE

                     -and that's just the "short list". Tune-in for more ( -starting January, 2019 ).