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Are you into synthesizers? Music recording? Film making? Computer animation? Digital photography? Great. You've come to the right place! Creative Tech Nerds is the "Creative Technologies Webzine". If you enjoy using today's techno-   logy to CREATE -you'll love our Creative Tech Nerds site! 


Not only will you find the coolest new gear ( i.e: reviews         of "biggest-bang-for-your-buck" synths, recording gear, DSLR's, camcorders, computers, software, etc. ), you'll         also find fascinating interviews with the designers of all       this cutting-edge gear! 


But Creative Tech Nerds doesn't stop there: You'll also find music and movie reviews ( -covering the most interesting electronic, space and progressive rock -some from CTN's     own readers! ). You'll also find reviews of intriguing sci-fi, fantasy, adventure and computer-animated films as well       as fascinating documentaries. 


Occasionally, we even feature interviews with the cutting-       edge electronic, space and progressive rock musicians             ( -and film makers ) we review. So, buckle up for some compelling interviews with today's most interesting and intriguing gear designers, break-out electronic music-         ians, film makers and computer artists.  


If you're a tech nerd with a "creative itch", this is the         place to scratch it. Welcome home! 






The "Creative           Technologies Webzine"

Covering the topics of:                              *Electronic-Music Synthesis                              *Project Studio Recording                                     *Indie Film Making                                     *Computer Animation                                             *Digital Photography  

With:                                                     *Gear Reviews                                                 *Designer Interviews                                             *Music Reviews                                             *Movie Reviews                                               *Band/ Musician Interviews                                 *Indie Film Maker Interviews                                   *CGI Animator Interviews *Cool Links                      and much more...

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