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Are you into synthesizers? music recording? film making? computer animation? Do you enjoy progressive rock, metal, spacerock and electronic-music? Great. You've come to the right place! Creative Tech Nerds is the "Creative Technologies Webzine". If you use today's technology to CREATE -you'll    love our "Creative Tech Nerds" website! 


Not only will you find reviews of the coolest new gear              ( i.e: like EMW's WCS-1x desktop synth, Behringer's Xenyx QX1202USB compact project-studio mixer, Behringer's "B-1"  condenser mic or Movo's "VS7" mini-stabilizer pro), you'll    also find fascinating interviews with the designers of this cutting-edge gear (- like Frederic Brun -CEO of Arturia,      Paulo Sergio dos Santos -mastermind behind Brazil's EMWJered Flickinger -CEO of Future Retro and                    Pete Sadler of Midas/ Behringer ).  


But Creative Tech Nerds doesn't stop there. Check out          our "Music From the Cutting Edge" page. There you'll        find the world's most unique and innovative music.                On our "Cutting Edge Radio" page you'll read about              the DJ's and FM radio stations who play this music.


You'll also find CD and DVD reviews of these progressive    /spacerock artists, film makers and animators ( -such as:    Arjen Anthony Lucassen's "Universal Migrator: Part 1 & 2", Eloy's  "The Vision, The Sword and The Pyre  ( Part 1 ), Hawkwind's "Hawklords Live 78' " and Erik Norlander's "Galactic Collective: Definitive Edition" CD/ DVD.


You'll also find reviews of intriguing adventure, fantasy,    computer-animated as well as sci-fi films ( -like Oren Peli's "Area 51" ) and even fascinating documentaries ( -like the    PBS epic "Soundbreaking" music documentary ). 


Occasionally, we even feature interviews with the cutting      edge musicians and film makers we review ( -like Frank Bornemann of the German prog-rock group Eloy or Dutch    rock-opera mastermind and Ayreon group progenitor            Arjen Anthony Lucassen ( or ) Tom Englund of the            Swedish heavy-metal band Evergrey.   


So, buckle up for some compelling interviews with today's most intriguing gear designers, break-out musicians, film makers and computer artists.  


If you're a tech nerd with a "creative itch", this is the         place to scratch it. Welcome home! 






The "Creative           Technologies Webzine"

Covering the topics of:                              *Electronic-Music Synthesis                              *Project Studio Recording                                     *Indie Film Making                                     *Computer Animation                                             *Digital Photography  

With:                                                     *Gear Reviews                                                 *Designer Interviews                                             *Music Reviews                                             *Movie Reviews                                               *Band/ Musician Interviews                                 *Indie Film Maker Interviews                                   *CGI Animator Interviews *Cool Links                      and much more...

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