Customer      Engagement           Strategies:

"Let     me     help     you     cultivate                                                                  a     loyal     following     of     lifetime                                           repeat     customers"

NEWS BULLETIN:  Customer Engagement Strategist offering  groundbreaking strategies to handful of Manufacturers and Retailers. Three companies to be selected.  


"FOR  A  COMPANY  TO  SUCCEED  ONLINE  THESE  DAYS, THEY  HAVE  TO  BE  FAR  MORE  SOPHISTICATED  WITH  THEIR  STRATEGY  AND  COPY  THAN  EVER  BEFORE"                                                                                                           -Bill Gates (  Microsoft )

Selling a product to your customer once is good.  Keeping them engaged for a LIFE TIME is better!              That's where I come in.  I specialize in developing web campaigns that keep customers engaged 

and coming back again and again.  Interested? 


The days of  merely "selling products" are over. Today's consumers are looking for more. While price, service and reputation are good starting-points, the companies who offer an interactive customer experience and who forge genuine "connections" to the customer are the ones who'll rule tomorrow's digital marketplace.                                                                                                                         -BUILD  YOUR "STREET  CRED" 

Why not hire me to write and maintain some "customer engagement pages" for your website?  Web pages  dedicated to keeping your customers interested and fully engaged ( -while simultaneously scouting and priming new customers for the future ).                                                                                                                    

"The     days     of    "selling     products"    are     over.     Today's     consumers     are     looking    for     more..."

                                                                                                                                                                If you manufacture ( or ) retail innovative technology ( i.e:  consumer electronics, synthesizers, keyboards, musical instruments, recording gear, mixing consoles, effects processors, computer hardware or software, etc. )

and are dedicated to giving consumers "biggest-bang-for-their-buck" value ( -along with a positive customer experience ) then I'm your man. 

Great products and service combined with "high value" web content  ( -facilitating "two-way engagement" and interaction with customers ) are the "keys" to forging success in today's digital economy.


Companies who keep customers "at arm's length" will lose out.      My strategies put these "interactive principles" into action.   

Take a look at my Creative Tech Nerds website.  Peruse my gear reviews, rock star and designer interviews. Read a few of my album and movie reviews.  I'll be tapping into these same interviewing, reviewing and  writing skills to promote your company.  But we're not talking "hard-sell" tactics here.  That approach represents the past


My approach is more like cultivating the espirit de corps of belonging to an "exclusive club".  A club that            all the "cool kids" belong to.  One that confers special benefits and perks upon it's members.  Benefits that outsiders don't get.  Who wouldn't want to be a part of that? 

The Creative Tech Nerds website is dedicated      to covering the "creative technologies scene". Check out my interviews with today's most gifted and innovative gear designers, musicians, bands, film makers and computer animators. My pench- ant for seeking out innovation and originality  carries over to my "Customer Engagement Strategies" too.                                                                                                                                            "INNOVATION  AND  ORIGINALITY"

My techniques are the culmination of ( 40 ) years of real-world analysis based upon the least understood  

yet ( -arguably ) most important marketing "metric" out there.  The "customer's experience" Since 1978',

I've compared and analyzed the "customer experience" delivered by companies nationwide.  Both mail-order dealers and gear manufacturers.  I've analyzed their approaches and most importantly, the overall impress-ion each company left me with as a paying customer.                                                                                                                                    

"My     techniques     are     the     culmination   of     (   40     )    years     of     real-world     analysis     based     upon     the     least     understood      yet     (  -arguably    ) most     important     marketing     "metric"     out     there..."

                                                                                                                                                          Since then, I've amassed enough consumer electronics, music, audio, video and computer gear to outfit  several recording and video production studios.  And the results of all this research hasn't been pretty!        Even today, it's amazing how few companies understand their customers.  Consider the following quote

by Microsoft's founder Bill Gates:

"For a company to succeed online these days, they have to be FAR more sophisticated with their strategy and copy than ever before.

They can't rely on old tactics and styles of copy to get attention and gain the trust of new customers.

Because of this, companies are having to rely on new and innovative strategies...and incidentally, a new style of copy        ( writing ). One that many believe is the FUTURE of where the web is going. [ This ] is where I expect much 

of the real money will be made on the internet" 

                                                                         -BILL  GATES, Microsoft Founder

But as enlightening as this is, consider one more fact:  the "Customer Engagement Strategies" I employ go WAY BEYOND those that Bill and his pals are currently using. HOW? Mine go beyond mere copy writing style

to give customers both "high value content" AND actionable benefits they can immediately prosper from.


Forging this mutually-beneficial BOND between your company and it's customers not only increases your company's "street cred", it keeps your customers coming back again and again ( -multiplying your opportunities for product sales and service! ). 


My strategies quickly build trust, rapport and "connection" to your customers. They firmly establish your  "street cred" ( -telling customers you're not just in it to sell them a "box" but instead that your company takes  a personal interest in them and their success ). 

The    "Fortune     500"    gets    onboard...

Keeping customers coming back is "key" to long term profitability. When major companies like Microsoft, Apple, American Express, Pepsico, Marriott, L'Oreal and Virgin Mobile ALL adopt the same strategy you'd best pay attention.  Their strategy however, is only the "starting point" 

for my "customer engagement" approach.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    -KEEP  YOUR CUSTOMER  COMING  BACK!

If you're not a fan of Bill Gates and Microsoft, take a look ( -below ) at what OTHER Industry leaders are saying. And they're not just saying -they're spending:  $300-Billion by next year!  All on what Bill calls these "new and innovative strategies".  Fortune 500 Companies like those below don't squander their money on things that don't yield ROI ( -Return On Investment).  



What do Apple,



          American Express,                                                                                                      Microsoft, Marriott, L'Oreal 

          and Virgin Mobile have in common?                                                                                                                                                                                    ANSWER:  They're all proponents of "content marketing". 

My strategies use content marketing as the "starting point" of a multi-faceted approach .

Amp-up     your     "Fun     Factor".       Generate     Excitement.     Create    a     "Buzz"!

Forming long term relationships with your customers requires trust. Once customers "sense" you're only interested in them for their money -they move on.    Instill trust and and a sense of camaraderie and you have them for life. My strategies forge those long    term relationships.                                                            -TURNING  CUSTOMERS  INTO  FRIENDS...

Fun, excitement and buzz. My strategies accomplish all of these!  When customers see you genuinely care about them ( -and realize you consider them more than mere "sales receipts" and packing labels ), they're more willing to forge long term bonds with you.  Make the experience FUN, EXCITING and ENGAGING and      customers will become your staunchest allies -spreading the word that your company's a "cool" place 

to do business! 


So HOW do I create that "fun factor", excitement and "buzz"?  Well, I'm not going to give away my trade

secrets but suffice it to say:  I do it by appealing to their "key interests".  I know what motivates customers

(  i.e:  musicians, project studio owners, tech nerds and gear heads ).  HOW do I know?   

I'm ONE OF THEM!  Trust me, I can get their attention. 

Let me help you form mutually-beneficial bonds between customers and your company. My strat-egies are cutting-edge yet based upon ( 40 ) years of first-hand observation and research. They go WELL BEYOND those currently being employed  by today's Fortune 500 Corporations.  

But I'm not going to lie to you.  My services don't come cheap.  And you'll have to budget some extra money to implement my strategies on your website.  But it will be worth it in the long run.  If your company would like to take the next step and forge lasting bonds to your customers -drop me an email:       

"I'll     only     be     selecting     three      companies  to     work     with.    *( 1.   )                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Once     those     relationships     are     established     I     don't     anticipate                taking    on     any     new     clients     for                                   the     foreseeable    future"

Are today's web customers walking towards ( or ) away        from you?  My "customer engagement strategies" make          your company more alluring to them. 


No "hard sell".  We simply make your customers feel                like they're the welcomed members of an "exclusive club".  One that all the "cool kids" want to belong to.                                                                                                                              -WEB  TRAFFIC  MOVING  YOUR  WAY? 

* ( 1. ):  I plan to select ONE Mail-Order Music Gear dealer, ONE Gear Manufacturer, and ONE Company from an unrelated field ( -assuring your company will be the ONLY one in your field employing my strategies ).  This should give you a significant "edge" on your competitors who aren't  using these strategies.