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Here's what's happening in this issue of "Creative Tech Nerds".

Cool gear! Interviews with today's most cutting edge equipment designers. Reviews of today's most unique electronic, space and progressive rock music. Interviews with the artists who create it. Reviews of today's most intriguing movies and computer animations. And inter-views with those who make them. It's all here in CTN!

Articles :

Read our interview with Dutch guitar virtuoso and "concept-album" mastermind Arjen Anthony Lucassen        on our Interviews 1 page. Check out our interview with Arturia's visionary leader Frederic Brun on our Designers 1 page. Read our interview with Frank Bornemann -lead guitarist and long time driving force behind Eloy -Germany's premier progressive rock band, on our  Interviews 2 page.


Interested in some great guitar-oriented rock? Read our interview with Canadian guitar virtuoso

Frank Marino, the "guiding force" behind Mahogany Rush! Peruse our review of EMW's super cool

and affordable WCS-1x desktop synth on our Gear 1 page.


Check out our review of Arjen Anthony Lucassen's epic ( Ayreon )"Universal Migrator" double CD on             our Music Reviews 2 page. Looking for an engaging music documentary to watch? Check out our review of "Soundbreaking" on our Movie Reviews 1 page. In the mood for a white-knuckle thrill ride of a movie?     Check out our review of Oren Peli's sci-fi thriller "Area 51" on our Movie Reviews 2 page.


Need to cut a "killer" bass track but don't know a good bassist? Check out our review of IK Multimedia's "MODO BASS 1.5" software ( -and while you're on that page -scroll down and be sure to Cast Your VOTE!          on the cool Modo Bass/ Syntronik "hardware" products I propose there! And while we're on the subject of      IK Multimedia products -check out Erik Norlander's comments regarding IK's UNO Synth ( -which he had a hand in designing ). Searching for a great project-studio mixer? Read our review of Behringer's compact

multi- function Xenyx QX1202USB mixer on our Gear 2 page.


Looking for an immersive multimedia ( CD/ DVD ) synthesizer experience? Check out our review of                  Erik Norlander's ( 2 CD + DVD ) "Gallactic Collective" Definitive Edition release on our Music Reviews 1 page. Need a low-cost camera stabilizer for some micro-budget film making? Peruse our Movo "VS7" Mini Stabilizer Pro review on our Gear 3 page.   


If you're a fan of today's EDM scene -you'll want to check out our interview with Jered Flickinger of Future Retro. Jered's legendary "777" synthesizer ( -and FR'S subsequent groundbreaking products ) have become synonymous with the EDM scene. You can find his interview on our Designers 4 page. If you're looking for a great, low-cost project-studio microphone that "does it all", check out our review of Behringer's incredible     "B-1" Condenser Mic on our Gear 4 page.


And if our review of EMW's WCS-1x synth ( above ) piqued your interest -our interview with EMW's head       man and lead designer Paulo Sergio dos Santos might be of interest. You can read our interview with Paulo      on our Designers 2  page. 


If you enjoyed our review of Behringer's Xenyx QX1202USB mixer ( above ) and you're intrigued by Behr- inger's ( new ) "Deep 12" synth ( -and the company's recent foray into synth manufacturing ), check out       our upcoming interview with Pete Sadler ( -Behringer's lead engineer for the "Deep 12" project ). You         can find his interview on our Designers 3 page. 


And, as always, check back here for ( new ) articles on today's "creative technologies scene".                  Whether you're in the market for "biggest-bang-for-your-buck" synths and studio gear or just looking             for some inspiration ( -by reading our interviews with the people who make the most of these creative technologies in their music, films or computer animations ), CTN is your "one stop source" for news on         everything "creative technologies".