Music    from   the                        "Cutting    Edge"  of    Rock!

Tired of the boring and predictable "playlists" heard on most FM rock-stations these days? Looking for some- thing fresh, new and exciting?  Well, you've come to the right place!  This webpage is dedicated to promoting     the music of cutting-edge bands and artists who are pushing rock music into new and interesting directions! 

Progressive rock? Space rock? Pigeon hole it however you like. It sounds refreshingly different from the typical crap now being played on today's "cookie-cutter" ( MOTR ) rock stations.Bands that push musical creativity to it's limits ( -with their extended instrumentals, engaging lyrics and complex "concept album" storylines ). That's what you'll find here. Wave goodbye to the "boring and predictable". Hear what you've been missing! 

Welcome    to   the   "Cutting    Edge"   of Rock....


Never heard of these bands and artists before? That doesn't surprise me. Especially, if you listen to the typical rock stations on the FM dial.  It's even hard to find this kind of music on satellite radio ( i.e: Sirius XM ). Hope-fully, this webpage will change that!  If you like the music ( below ), be sure and contact your local ( FM ) rock station. Encourage their Program Director to give these bands some airplay!  Ask your friends to do the same. Be persistent!  If enough people do this, these stations will realize there's an audience for this great music!

Cool   Radio   Stations!

That actually PLAY prog and spacerock music! If you know of such a station -tell us about them ( -including their call letters, dial position, city/ state, the show's name and DJ ). We'll give em some free publicity right here! 


"SUNDAY  NIGHTS WITH DUSTY BLADES" 93.3 FM ( WPLP, Athens GA. ) 7PM-10PM Sundays. I want to thank Matt Callens who runs the "Hawkwind North America Facebook" group for this tip. Dusty plays a wide variety   of music ( i.e:  prog, metal, punk, ska and spacerock -including Hawkwind and local bands! ). If you live in the Athens, GA. area check out Dusty's show on Sunday nights. You can live "stream" it ( ) or use the tune in radio app. To learn more about Dusty's Show go to:  93.3 FM ( WPLP ) and click on "Shows".

St.    Louis    Radio     Wars!

St. Louis is home to America's oldest FM rock station:  KSHE-95 FM.        Over the years this legendary rock station has been instrumental in helping to launch the careers of REO Speedwagon, Head East, KISS, Bob Seger and many other acts. Back in the 70's, the station ran a short Bob Burch promo proudly proclaiming 95 FM's music as "Progressive Rock". Legend has it  that "back in the day" you could even hear bands like "Eloy", "Hawkwind" or "Mahogany Rush" played on the station. But those days are long gone. Today's KSHE is a much more sedate place where "commercial" MOTR        ( "Middle-of-The-Road" ) rock reigns supreme and where playlists are      far more cautious and "choreographed" than in those earlier freewheeling   KSHE-95 : LOOSING LISTENERS    days of the 70's. And perhaps because of that, more and more KSHE listen-                                                    ers are switching to KWUL's ( 101.7 FM ) "more adventurous" music sets.                                                    

KSHE    vs    K-WUL F :                                                                                                                                                                           It's    always    been    about     the     music...

                                                                                                                                                                If you check the "listener comments" for KWUL ( 101.7 FM ) on Radio Line Up's website:  

( ), you'll find a some of those lavishing praise upon this  new station describing themselves as "former" KSHE listeners. You'd think this would serve as a "wake-up call" for the folks at KSHE.  But apparently it hasn't. The station's boringly predictable ( MOTR ) playlists continue to drone on oblivious. It's a shame. Every last vestige of KSHE's "adventurous" musical past has been wiped away. My proposed "Music From the Cutting Edge of Rock" program ( -below ) might be a way for the station to lure back some of these defecting listeners ( -and recapture some of it's former "progressive rock" glory ) .  


Obviously, KWUL's more adventurous mix of less played 60's, 70's and 80's "deep cut" rock and fresh new music has "struck a chord" with these former K-SHE listeners.  Even KWUL's weak, irritatingly "noisy" signal    isn't enough to dissuade many ex- KSHE listeners from tuning in. Clearly, it's the station's "less restrictive"    playlists and extended "music sets" that are drawing these KSHE listeners in ( -like moths to a flame ). 

SPACEROCK    24.7:     A       new     Internet     "streaming"     radio     station....

Station    plans  to    "shake-up"     St.    Louis'     FM     radio   scene     ( -while    attracting    local    and     worldwide    listenership    of    Spacerock,    Prog,    Psychedelic ,               Power    Metal    and    Electronic  Music   fans   ).

                                                                                              THE "SHUNNING":  

WHAT  LEAD  TO  SPACEROCK  24.7's  CREATION...                                                                                                                        As a KSHE listener myself ( -since 1974 ), I began noticing 95 FM's "shunning" of certain bands starting around late 74' and early 75'. Bands like:  Eloy, Mahogany Rush, Camel, Hawkwind and others.  Ironically, the very same "progressive" music they had previously boasted about playing in Bob Burch's infamous promo!  These groups were now deemed "verboten"              ( -and trying to request their songs on KSHE became an impossibility if you were stupid enough to try ).            Call me "stupid"  because I tried over-and-over-again to no avail. Unfortunately, things haven't changed.          In fact they've gotten worse in the intervening 40-years.  For some unfathomable reason, St. Louis' FM "programming intelligentsia" feel it necessary to purge such rock innovation from St. Louis' FM airwaves          at all cost.  What a shame! Another generation of St. Louis music lovers will miss out on this wonderful and imaginative music.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Originally, I'd envisioned  taking my "Music From the Cutting Edge of Rock" concept to KSHE-95 ( -to see if by    some miracle of chance they'd consider "airing" the show ). However, after reflecting upon the station's dismal forty plus year track record of "middle-of-the-road" predictability, I knew it would be a waste of my time.  "Screw them!  I'll put together my own Internet "streaming" station ( -where this kind of music can be heard without the silly KSHE-style "shunning and censorship" of these bands ).  That in a nutshell, is what sparked  the creation of SPACEROCK  24.7 !   

TODAY'S  "ROCK  INNOVATORS"                                      Apart from keeping those groundbreaking "old-school" bands from being heard, there's a whole new generation of young artists and bands who're pushing rock in "new and interesting" directions. Witness bands like: FLOORIAN, EVERGREY, AYREON  and many others. Because of the "close-minded" attitudes of St. Louis' radio programming hierarchy, these fresh, new and     ( -ABOVE )  ARJEN  LUCASSEN  OF  AYREON    "unique sounding" bands -will also never be heard by listen-                                                                          ers here in St. Louis and the midwest.  Again, a real shame!  But there may be a solution that makes everyone happy:  both St. Louis' FM radio stations AND the listeners

( -who crave fresh "unique sounding" music on their FM dials ).  Read my show proposal below:  

A    Show     proposal:                                                                                              "Music    From    the    Cutting    Edge"

So, to St. Louis' FM Stations ( i.e:  KSHE-95, KWUL 101.7 FM and even "The Arch" 106.5 FM ) I propose      taking this webpage's "Music From the Cutting Edge of Rock" concept and "transforming" it into a weekly          ( -three hour radio program ) that you can broadcast once a week on your stations. That way, you can continue to play the "format" you're accustomed to all week ( -while attracting a whole new  audience of enthusiastic new listeners  for my three hour weekly show ). KSHE-95 can proudly reclaim their early 70's "progressive rock" label. KWUL can finally "cross the line" and play ALL of the coolest oldschool and new music. "The Arch" can add a new demographic of listeners to it's already diverse mix of listeners. Everybody wins! It's only three  hours out of your weekly programming schedule. Is that really too much to ask?   


You bet they will!  The fans of "cutting edge rock" are the    most enthusiastically loyal fans your station will ever come across. How do I know? Because I'm one of them!  That's how I know.  If your station airs such a show -they'll move Heaven and Earth to listen. Don't believe me? Just read the Dusty Blades interview below. His low-power Athens, GA. FM station ( -"Bulldog Athens", 93.3 FM  ) took this same           ADD  A  ( NEW )  AUDIENCE  OF  LOYAL  AND  show concept and turned it into an "international phenomenon"!           ENTHISIASTIC RADIO LISTENERS! 

"Show      Endorsements":

If you're a KSHE-95 listener ( or ) a KWUL ( 101.7 FM ) listener ( or ) a listener of 106.5 FM "The Arch"          and you like this show concept ( -and would like to see it broadcast on these stations ) use the following link    to e-mail me your comments:  "Music From the Cutting Edge of Rock" Show  I'd be interested in hearing what you have to say.  If you own a local business ( or ) know of a business that would like to sponsor my show   

-even better! Tell me about them and how I can contact the owner.


I'll post a few of the comments I get from listeners below ( -along with a few of the "show endorsements" I  receive from the bands I've interviewed in "Creative Tech Nerds" ). Be sure to mention the name of the show    ( "Music from the Cutting Edge of Rock" ) in your comment -including your first name and the first letter of your last name along with the town you're from -so I can post a few below. Keep your comments concise and to    the point ( -for example: "Yeah, I like your "Music From the Cutting Edge of Rock" show concept. I hope

the stations give it a chance on the air!" -Mike H., Crestwood, Mo. ). 


Hopefully, your comments combined with the "band endorsements" ( - I'll be posting below ) will help to convince the owners of these stations that my "Music From the Cutting Edge of Rock" Show is worth airing on their stations!  Then, finally, after 40-years of being "scrubbed" from St. Louis FM airwaves, music listeners    will once again be able to hear these great bands on the radio here in the midwest! 

Praise     for     "Cutting      Edge"                                               from     the    world    of    rock:

Some of the rock artists who support the "Cutting Edge" Radio Show concept:

With a discography as long as your arm ( -including legendary British rock acts like: Hawkwind, Arthur Brown, High Tide, Magic Muscle and more recently The Bevis Frond ), Adrian Shaw is one of Britain's most prolific "stringmen". Whether supplying the bass  in a band setting or recording many of the instruments and vocals himself in his solo efforts -Adrian's music rewards the listener with it's uniquely innovative sound.

We plan to introduce American listeners to this highly original artist's music.                  ( -LEFT  )  ADRIAN  SHAW  

"Music      From    the    Cutting    Edge"  is    a    must     for    all   like-minded     people    and    in     my     opinion    deserves     a much    wider    listenership".                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      -Adrian     Shaw

( -former bassist for Hawkind, High Tide, Magic Muscle and a myriad of British rock bands. Currently associated with The Bevis Frond ).

Beyond the perennial Hendrix comparisons, guitarist and Mahogany Rush founder Frank Marino knows a thing or two about crafting compelling guitar oriented rock.  Albums like "Strange Universe", "Tales of the Unexpected", "Mahogany Rush IV" and "Juggernaut" have firmly established his "creden-tials" not only among fans but with fellow musicians like Zakk Wylde. We plan to regularly feature Frank and Mahogany Rush's music on the show.                                                                                                                       ( -ABOVE )  FRANK  MARINO

"Music      From     the     Cutting      Edge     of     Rock"                                                is    well-named    in    that     it     explores    and    makes  available    music    from    innovative    artists    which,  without    it,  might    never    be    heard    anywhere    else".                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         -Frank      Marino    -Mahogany    Rush.



Melding prog, metal, spacerock and "rock opera" into a whole new genre, Arjen's  music defies easy categorization. Maybe that's why his "Star One" and "Ayreon" concept-albums receive so little airplay here in the US. That's about to change with Spacerock 24.7's "Music From the Cutting  Edge of Rock" show! 




"I    don't     make      mainstream      music,    and     I      really     depend       on      my     loyal      fans       worldwide     to       spread     the       word.       Your     "Music     from      the      Cutting      Edge    of      Rock"    show     will     make     that     a     little     easier    now  .         Thanks,    and      keep    up     the     good     work!"                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           -Arjen     Anthony     Lucassen

( -Multi-instrumentalist and guiding force behind "Star One" and "Ayreon" rock concept albums ).

A    "Proof    of     Concept"  Story...


Don't think a show that plays "Cutting Edge Rock" can draw listeners?

Check out what "Bulldog Athens" DJ Dusty Blades did when he took his show,   

paired it with the station's "radio tune-in app", and turned the program's decidedly "unconventional music" into an international phenomenon. Skeptical program directors need to click on the following link to read my  Dusty Blades Interview.

Low-power FM station ( "Bulldog Athens", 93.3 FM ) has proven the    fans of unconventional music genres ( i.e: prog, spacerock, power-metal, punk and ska ) will rally to support stations who play their music. Here in the US, this show concept has gone nearly untapped.  It's "ripe" for exploiting by radio programmers savvy enough to see it's potential.   

Questions   of    the    Month:

Mahogany    Rush    fans:    What's    your    favorite MR Song and Album?

Q1:  What's your favorite Mahogany Rush song and album    and WHY?                                                                        Q2:  Would you like to see Mahogany Rush added to the

bands listed on this page?                                                     


*NOTE:  Leave your Q1/ Q2 responses on our "Contact" page.   We'll post a few of the more pithy and concise comments we receive below.                                                                                        -CUTTING  EDGE  ROCK!


*P.S:  Mahogany Rush fans!  If you haven't already -check out our ( new ) Frank Marino Interview     

 -Tomm, CTN.

*NOTE:  We asked Frank Bornemann of Eloy if he'd consider playing at an outdoor Prog/ Spacerock Festival. Check out our  Frank Bornemann interview  to see what he thought of the idea!  


"Concept     Album"   Masterpieces                                                                                                by    Arjen    Anthony    Lucassen    &   friends....

From 80's "hair-metal" band member ( -Bodine, Vengeance ) to concept-album mastermind, Arjen's "rock opera style" con-cept albums have taken Europe by storm!  Featuring masterful guitar work, extended instrumentals and captivating lyrics sung by an ever-changing roster of top flight vocalists, Arjen's Ayreon albums combine rock, metal, prog and space-rock defying easy categorization. Someday, rock-stations in the USA will play his music! Check out the video ( below ) from his latest album "The Source". See what you've been missing! 

Interview   with    Arjen

If you'd like to read the interview we did with Arjen -click the link below:  

Arjen Anthony Lucassen Interview:


Click song's title to watch: "The Day the World Breaks Down"  from Ayreon's "The Source" album.

*NOTE:  If you're in a hurry -advance the video's timeline to:  "2:40"  to get into the "heavy" rock parts. 

Best   Albums:

Okay, I might be a bit biased here but these are my favorites. In any case, I don't think you can go wrong with ANY of these albums.  Rock station Program Directors will find tons of "airplay-worthy" cuts on these albums!

Star One "Space Metal". One of Arjen's side project albums. Songs like "Star Child", "The Eye of Ra" and "Intergalactic Space Crusaders" combine heavy metal and spacerock -exploring space and sci-fi themes. A "Special Edition" version features Hawkwind founder Dave Brock singing a truly kick-ass medley of Hawkwind tunes ( -worth the album's price by itself! ). I don't know if this "Special Edition" version is still available but it's definitely worth searching out!

Ayreon "Into the Electric Castle". Widely acknowledged as Arjen's most popular "Ayreon" album. Using vintage analog instruments and lots of guest singers -this album has some great cuts ( i.e: "Isis and Osiris", "Amazing Flight', "Time Beyond Time" to name a few ). Definitely worth checking out! 

Ayreon "Universal Migrator Part 1 & 2". This is the album that made me a believer!   It never fails to impress. Usually takes just one listen to turn most rockers into die- hard Arjen fans. Songs like "Dragon on the Sea", "The Druids turned to Stone" and "Planet of Blue" will be "go to" airplay cuts for progressive rock jocks. This album has it all! Rock,metal, prog, spacerock. Even ballads. Pink Floyd fans will absolutely love it! Some of the songs sound as if they were culled from Floyd's 1975' "Wish You Were Here" recording sessions. *NOTE:  See our full review of this concept-album masterpiece by clicking this link:  Music Review: Ayreon "Universal Migrator Part 1 & 2" 

Ayreon "The Source". The latest Ayreon album. Will find favor with "rock opera" fans.  Arjen casted guest singers as characters in the album's epic sci-fi storyline. The musicianship, vocal talent and studio craft displayed on this alum is nothing short of phenomenal. Prog rock DJ's will have no trouble finding plenty of air-play worthy cuts. Dream Theater, ELO, Jethro Tull and Camel fans will all find something to love in this album. Highly recommended! 


To learn more about Arjen's "Ayreon", solo and side-project albums ( -and about his current projects ), click this link:   Arjen's website


Germany's     Premier     Progressive     Rock     Band

Eloy was started back in 1969 by founder, guitarist and vocalist Frank Bornemann. The band has survived numerous line-up changes, splits and career breaks from the 70's til the present. The band has gradually evolved from long instrumental oriented pieces ( i.e: Eloy, Inside, Floating albums ) to a more accessible "symphonic prog rock" style with greater emphasis upon lyrics. With a strong following in Germany and Europe, the band has amassed a smaller but dedicated following here in the US. Albums like "Floating", "Planets" and "Visionary", as well as their new "The Vision,     the Sword and the Pyre ( Part 1 )"  show the group at it's best. 

                                                    *( Above ) An early photo of Eloy ( -probably early to mid 1970's )  

Interview    with    Frank    Bornemann

If you'd like to read our recently posted interview with Frank Bornemann -the founder and guiding force behind Eloy click here:   Frank Bornemann Interview


To watch Eloy playing "Time to Turn" in Mainz, 2012 -click on the link below:  

Eloy in Mainz ( 2012' ) "Time to Turn"  Video

An     overview    of     Eloy                                                                                                                                                                      and   their   Best   Albums

-By longtime Eloy fan Mike Belcher

There are bound to be lots of impassioned arguments regarding Eloy's best albums -but the ones listed below should be in every Eloy fan's record collection!  -Tomm ( CTN )

The     Early   Years....

The progressive rock band "ELOY" has been around for a long, long time, since 1972 with their first self-titled album "ELOY". This album is really quite good but very different from what we have grown to love and expect from the group we know and love today. Every "ELOY" fan should have a copy of this album so you can hear for yourself what the group had become.  

( Left ) Cover from Eloy's debut self-titled album.

My favorite albums from the band are ALL ( 18 ) that I know of to date! Each album takes the band in the direction of storytelling; each album is really a work of art. With that said here is the list of what I think is the "best of the best": 

"FLOATING"  Serious Hammond B3 organ sound for keyboards, very straight forward space rock at it's best. Really gives you a feel of floating when you listen to it. "Plastic Girl" is my pick of the best track from this album.

                                             ( Right ) Cover from Eloy's "Floating" album.

To     the    Present....


"PLANETS"  Ahhhhhh, the peak of the analogue synth! Serious groove bass lines and a story from start to finish. "Mysterious Monolith" is my pick for this album. 


( Left ) Cover from Eloy's "Planets" album.

"VISIONARY"  By far the best album to date. Production is outstanding, has killer bass lines, and again a story is told. Vocals are great, and this is just as solid as it gets. My pick for this album is "Summernight Sym- phony". This track is very powerful and emotional, spiritual in many ways, deep and moving.                                                                                                      ( Right ) Cover from Eloy's "Visionary" album.  


SUMMING UP:  if you enjoy progressive rock/ space rock then you will like all of Eloy's albums. I have not heard a bad track on any album yet. I'd like to see the rest of the "formula rock" bands do that, even Pink   Floyd could not pull that off, and I really like Pink Floyd. 


-Michael W. Belcher ( 8/ 3/ 2017' ) 

*TOMM'S COMMENT:  I have to agree with Mike on his album picks. "PLANETS" has always been my favorite Eloy album. However recently, after listening to "FLOATING" in it's entirety -I've gained a renewed respect for that album. It's extended instrumentals and superb bass and Hammond B3 work is truly phenomenal! It has to be Eloy's "spaciest" album ever. Very 1971-ish sounding ( -which is a good thing in my book! ). At this point, I'd be hard-pressed to choose between "FLOATING" and "PLANETS". 

STAY TUNED to our "Music Reviews" pages for a review of Eloy's ( new )     "The Vision, The Sword and The Pyre" ( Part 1 ) album. As Frank hints in     our interview with him -this album is sure to surprise! We hope to post         a review of it once it's released and Mike's had a chance to listen to it a couple of times. We're really looking forward to hearing this album!   


( Right ) Cover from Eloy's new  "The Vision, The Sword and The Pyre"  

( Part 1 ) album.


To learn more about Eloy, visit their website by clicking on the link below:

Eloy's website



Swedish     Metal :                                                                                                                                                                                Forged    with    Power-Chords    and      Intelligent    lyrics....

A Swedish power-metal band with intelligent lyrics that explore the human psyche, hit like a bullet and resonate long after the earbuds come off.  Evergrey has earned a reputation for their kick-ass musicianship as much as for frontman Tom Englund's insightful lyrics ( -which connect with fans on a visceral level few metal bands ever have ). 

Interview     with     Evergrey  's    Tom     Englund

If you'd like to read our recent interview with Tom Englund -Evergrey's frontman, lyricist, singer                    and second guitarist, click on the following link:  Tom Englund Interview


To watch some of Evergrey's music videos -click on the links below. They'll show you what this band's all about.   "In Orbit" Music Video     "Passing Through" Music Video     "The Paradox of the Flame" Music Video

Best    Pick     Album:

If you're new to Evergrey's music ( -as we were before Tom's interview ), we would highly recommend              the band's current album "The Storm Within".  It's nothing short of epic! ( -see thumbnail review below ).

Released in 2016, "The Storm Within" is a great introduction to Evergrey's music. Massive sounding and featuring deeply relevant lyrics, this album is        a sonic "tour de force".  It encapsulates everything metal should be but rarely  is!  For my money, the cuts "In Orbit" and "Passing Through" justify the cost      of the album alone.  But this album yields much more than just sonic fury.      You'll find more contemplative songs as well ( -"Distance" and "The Paradox    of the Flame" -featuring a vocal duo between Tom and Carina ).


The breadth and scope of this album is as wide and untamed as the vast Icelandic landscapes that serve as the backdrop for the band's videos.  This is metal for the thinking.  Highly recommended! 

Watch for our upcoming review of this album.

"Live    Concert "   DVD:

If you'd like to SEE as well as HEAR Evergrey in action, check out their "A Night to Remember" DVD. This DVD chronicles    the band's concert at Gothenburg's famed Storan Theater. With a ( 7 ) camera crew and complete with soaring audi-  ence shots, a great light show and enveloped in the theater's "warm" sonics -fans will love this DVD.  It includes six of the band's video clips, interviews, backstage footage and more.  


If you'd like to learn more about Evergrey, visit their website.  Just click on the link below:   

Evergrey's website

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