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"True      Legends  :     The     UnHoly     See"

From the True Legends documentary film series by GenSix Productions. Produced by Stephen Quayle.    Directed by Timothy Alberino.  Featuring Tom Horn, Leo Zagami, Gianmario Ferramonti and Anselm   

Pi Rambla.  DVD run time: 2.5 hours

In this rivetting two and a half hour documentary Stephen Quayle, Timothy Alberino, Tom Horn ( -and the Vatican    "insiders" interviewed ) construct a compelling case   

for a Vatican deception tying hidden pre-Flood history   

to a modern conspiracy of cosmic proportions.



An     Eye-Opening     Documentary...

Being intrigued by the Tim Alberino and Gen6 videos I've seen on YouTube -I decided to finally order one.  Since it was the latest in their "True Legends" Series, I decided to order the "UnHoly See" episode.  After    watching it, all I can say is WOW -what an "eye-opening" documentary this is!  As someone interested in the truth -and having developed a low threshold for government "BS" ( -during my years of filing FOIA requests    with the government ), I was curious to see what this Gen6 documentary uncovered ( -and if their inform-

ation might have any "tie-ins" with what I've uncovered on my own ). 

The "UnHoly See" documentary opens with the eye-witness testimony of an AC-130 pilot who transported the body of a dead 10-12 foot tall, 1,100-pound "giant" out of Afghanistan's Bagram Air Force base. 


( -RIGHT  ) An Artsit's Conception sketch of the "cargo".

Taking viewers on a globe-trekking adventure from Peru's antediluvian megalithic sites ( -including Qorikancha, Saqsaywamam and Bolivia's Tiwanaku ) and Cusco's Santo Domingo Cathedral ( -with it's network of tunnels -linking it to other major Andean megalithic sites ), and onto Malta's mysterious megalithic ruins and Giant legends to the Vatican's curious Mount Graham, Arizona Observatory ( -with it's binocular "Lucifer" array )    and finally into the walls of the Vatican itself ( -and a "forbidden" church that cannot be entered from the outside ), this documentary will have you reassessing forgotten Sunday School passages, evolution and lots      of "established history".   

Questioning the veracity of long-established history with thought-provoking "on-site" evidence ( -here the doco's director Tim Alberino querires a local guide ).


Comparing Bronze Age Inca construction with older Peruvian and Bolivian "Giant-built" structures and complexes it becomes apparent we've been lied to.

          TIM ALBERINO  &  PERUVIAN GUIDE                 

Director Alberino standing in front of Bolivia's enigmatic Tiwanaku. Finding a unifying undercurrent of highly advanced construction methodology underlying South America's major megalthic structures -that traverses the globe in similar sites worldwide -the "UnHoly See" lifts the "veil" long enforced

by archeological orthodoxy and Papal secrecy. 

Here "The UnHoly See's" director Tom Alberino discusses the film with Tom Horn. The "True Legend" Series is both controversial and "eye-opening". And while some may see "The UnHoly See" as being "anti-Catholic" -as a Catholic myself -I see this doco as being just the opposite. Jesus himself warned of deception in the later days.  

Summing    Up:

Would I recommend this documentary? Absolutely! It's one of the best documentary films I've seen in recent memory.  And while it may challenge you to consider some alternative perspectives, the film provides you with ample evidence to back up it's premise. You'll end up looking at the world with a whole new frame of reference -and resent the "powers that be" who've deluded you for so long. Highly recommended! 


                                                            -END  OF  REVIEW

"The UnHoly See" is the latest of the "True Legend" Series. Now availabe on DVD, Blu-Ray and Unlimited Streaming. 


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Watch     the     "UnHoly    See"    Trailer ( -below   ):

To get a feel for the documentary -check out the "UnHoly See" Movie Trailer below.  It's absolutely

rivetting as is the documentary itself! 

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