About Us:

Using today's technology to create something new and unique! That's what Creative Tech Nerds is all about. 

If you need some inspiration to "jump-start" your creativity, read our interviews ( -with "Ayreon's" Arjen Anthony Lucassen, Frederic Brun of Arturia or the other creatively gifted performers and designers we feature ! ). 

Greetings! I'm the author of Creative Tech Nerds. I'm an electronic musician ( "Riff Jam Tribe", "Synth Lab" ),     a micro-budget film maker and a photographer. I dabble in computer animation as well. Someday, I may actually get good at this stuff.  Frightening! So using today's technology to create is something I'm familiar with. Putting up a site dedicated to the stuff I love seemed like a no-brainer. So I did it. Hope you enjoy it. 

But this site isn't really about me. It's for anyone who enjoys CREATING ( -be it music, film, animation, photo-graphy, etc. ). Hopefully, this site will serve as an inspiration for you to CREATE something new, different and original of your own. Originality rocks! 

Amateur? Semi-pro? Professional?  Doesn't matter. Wherever you're coming from "Creative Tech Nerds" has you covered. Check out our gear, music and film reviews. Peruse our designer and artist interviews. Be inspired. CREATE! Have fun! That's what we   do here...     

-Tomm Buzzetta.                      

Author/ Webmaster "Creative Tech Nerds" website.

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In addition to running Creative Tech Nerds, I also author Local Legend Films and Alt Income websites.               If you'd like to see what my ( micro-budget ) film studio is up to, check out the Local Legends site.  If you're tired of the "rat race" and would like to explore some alternative ways of making money -check out my Alt Income site:  It's still under construction but should be available online in a month or two.                               http://locallegendfilms.jimdo.com                                                                               http://altincome.jimdo.com